501 Happy Birthday 2023, Wishes, Quotes, Status


Happy Birthday 2023 quotes, wishes and status for birthday masi, fufa ji, masa ji, bhai, bro, sister, son, daughter, bhabhi ji, bhaiya, father, mother

Happy Birthday 2023 quotes, wishes and status for birthday masi, fufa ji, masa ji, bhai, bro, sister, son, daughter, bhabhi ji, bhaiya, father, mother
Happy Birthday Masi

Happy Birthday Masi Message, Quotes, Wishes for Masi, Masi's birthday is a very special day for the person. This day can be celebrated in a different manner by different sections of society. One of the most widely recognized methods of festivity is tossing birthday celebrations of Masi. Birthdays are celebrated because they have completed one more year.

On Masi birthday, we received many presents from friends, parents and from relatives. On this day many people donate money to the various foundations as well as orphanages and NGOs. In modern days many people on their Masi's birthdays spend the whole day in orphanages or old age homes. On this day the birthday person (Masi) is feeling blessed by everyone and a centre of attraction.

Give the best wishes by saying  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASI” OR “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASI-MAA'' My prayers for you from the god that god solve all your problems and never allow you worry about anything in life and shower some blessing on you. My dear masi you are my great friend, philosopher and my good adviser. You are my second mother and you always take care of me as a son more than a nephew.

I match your style whenever you dress up and I love your dressing sense .Enjoy your special day. You solve all my problems in any kind of situation. Every problem is very small in front of you so happy birthday to my superwomen. Thank you for the love that you bring into my life. Wish a very happy birthday my wonderful Masi!

Happy Birthday Sister

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes, Images, Cake Status, Happy Birthday Sister, sister's birthday is a very special day for the individual. This day can be praised in various ways by various areas of society. One of the most widely recognized methods of festivity is tossing birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes, Images, Cake Status



Happy birthday wishes for sister quotes

Wishing happy birthday wishes for sister quotes, happy birthday wishes for sister status

happy birthday wishes for sister quotes, happy birthday wishes for sister status

Happy Birthday for Daughter

Happy Birthday for Daughter

Happy Birthday Songs List 2023

Happy Birthday Songs List 2023, There are many types of birthday songs. Some songs are worth playing at the party. Some songs are very melodious music that one wants to listen to again and again. Such songs bring excitement to the party of the day. Such songs continue to play in the hearts for many days.

  • "Happy Birthday to You" (Traditional)
  • "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" by Marilyn Monroe.
  • "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder.
  • "Happy Birthday" by Altered Images.
  • "Happy Birthday We Love You" by Daniel Dancer.
  • "Happy Birthday" by the Chipmunks.
  • "The Happy Happy Birthday Song" by The Arrogant Worms.

Happy Birthday Songs in Hindi

Happy Birthday Songs in Hindi

  • Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye – Farz 1967, Mohammad Rafi
  • Baje Badhai More Angana – Maa Beti 1986, Udit Narayan, Suresh Wadkar
  • Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya – Krantiveer 2010, Anushka Manchanda, Mika Singh
  • Chidiya Choon Choon Karti Hai – Jyoti 1981, Kishore Kumar
  • Happy Birthday – Bhoot Unkle 2006, Tarannum Malik
  • Happy Birthday To You – Farz 1967, Mohammad Rafi
  • Happy Birthday To You Mr Pedro – Amit Kumar, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
  • Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote – Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle
  • Janam Din Aaya – Baharon Ki Manzil 1968, Lata Mangeshkar
  • Mere Lal Aaj Tera Janam Din Hai – Subha O Sham 1972, Lata Mangeshkar
  • Munde Da Mama – Jeet 1972, Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
  • O Mamma Dear Mamma – Aarti Mukherjee, Chandrani Mukherjee
  • Tare Jitne Neel Gagan Pe Tare – Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee 1971, Mohd Rafi
  • Tujhe Dekh Kar Jeeta – Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik
  • Tumko Hamari Umar Lag Jaye – Ayee Milan Ki Bela 1964, Lata Mangeshkar

Best Happy Birthday Song List in English

  • The Beatles, “Birthday”
  • Stevie Wonder, “Happy Birthday”
  • 2Chainz, “Birthday Song”
  • Jeremih,“Birthday Sex”
  • Combichrist, “Happy Fucking Birthday”
  • No Doubt, “Six Feet Under”
  • Tiny Moving Parts, “Happy Birthday”
  • 50 Cent, “In Da Club”
  • They Might Be Giants, “Older”
  • Weird Al, “Happy Birthday”
  • Leslie Gore, “It’s My Party”
  • Sufjan Stevens, “Happy Birthday”
  • Rihanna, “Birthday Cake”
  • Twista, “Birthday”
  • Destiny’s Child, “Birthday”

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Happy Birthday Songs List

  1. Happy Birthday to you-Andric Vargas Alarcon
  2. A duck sings happy birthday-Insultograms
  3. Birthday quackers-Piotr Hennig
  4. Baje badhai more aangna-Maa Beti 1986
  5. Happy budday-Kill Dil 2014
  6. Happy birthday song-ABCD2
  7. The lord is my rock-John Kano
  8. You raise me up-Westlife
  9. Through heaven’s eyes-Brain Stokes Mitchell
  10. One way jesus-Jason Whitfield
  11. Happy birthday song-Joyner Lucas
  12. From this movement-Kaley Dollinger
  13. Maligayang bati medley-Yrreo
  14. Happy birthday-Concrete Blonde
  15. The BEATLES birthday song-Patokaman
  16. Happy birthday Jesus-Lollywood
  17. Sombody ought to testify-Heber Vega
  18. Happy soul birthday-Robert Murphy
  19. Birthday-Destiny’s Child
  20. Everything happens for a reason-Crna Lisica
  21. Birthday wish for my friend-Nashan Mohamed
  22. Birthday song for my brother-DJ BoBo
  23. Best Happy Birthday Song Ever-Kamal Jeet
  24. Sagar Mein Ek Lahar Uthi Tere Naam Ki – Art Of Living Birthday Song
  25. Happy Birthday Song-Chipmunks
  26. Happy Birthday TALA-Dona Alkarmi
  27. The Happy Birthday Song-Kids TV123
  28. Traditional Happy Birthday-4vrNYYfan
  29. May the lord bless you-Willy92507
  30. Happy Birthday To You-Farz 1967-Mohd.Rafi
  31. Hum bhi agar bachche hote-Door Ki Awaz 1964
  32. Happy Birthday-Bhoot Unkle 2006
  33. Tumko hamari umar lag jaye-Ayee Milan Ki Bela 1964
  34. Chhote tera birthday aaya-Krantiveer 2010
  35. Janam din aaya-Baharon Ki Manzil 1968
  36. Tujhe dekh ker jeeta-Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai 2002
  37. Heppy budday beybee No6.-Luv Ka The End 2011
  38. Mere lal aaj tera janam din hai-Subha O Sham 1972
  39. Chidiya choon choon karti hai-Jyoti 1981-Kishor Kumar
  40. Taare jitne neel gagan taare-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee 1971
  41. Happy birthday to you Mr.Pedro-Prem Deewane 1992

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Happy Birthday Brother

Happy Birthday Brother, Wishes, Quotes, Funny, Status, Cake, Happy Birthday Wishes for my Brother, a birthday is an exceptionally extraordinary day for the individual. This day can be commended in various ways by various sections of society. One of the most widely recognized methods of festivity is tossing birthday celebrations. In numerous nations the birthday is praised by facilitating gatherings and making a delicious cake for the birthday person. On the birthday of the BROTHER they praise the birthday by welcoming guests or celebrate with loved ones, beautify the house with different colors of balloon like:  black and white, blue and white etc.

Happy Birthday Brother, Wishes, Quotes, Funny, Status, Cake

Happy Birthday Status

Happy Birthday Status 2023

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes in English

  • There are so many important things that I’ve learnt from you. Happy Birthday, bro.
  • I can’t think a better brother in my life. You are my lovely brother. Happy birthday.
  • You’ve always been there for me, and I will always be there for you. Happy birthday, brother.
  • On this special day I want wish the most amazing brother and my best friend – happy birthday. Enjoy your day, bro.
  • It’s true that it is impossible to find a special brother like you. Happy Birthday, bro.
  • Brothers are the best friends that you can ever have. Happy birthday to such a wonderful brother who is also my best friend!
  • I believe that you are the best parent in the world. I love you and happy birthday, bro.
  • Happy Birthday to my brother, my best buddy and the only guy I can trust to help me get out of trouble.
  • Brother, we are a great pair because we always look gorgeous in our photos! Happy Birthday, bro.
  • Brother, I want to thank you for giving all the affection to me throughout my life. Have a nice birthday.

Individuals give their all the best wishes on the birthday by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” May God bless you peace, harmony and joy. Wishing you an exceptionally upbeat birthday, to my dear brother. I feel so pleased to have a sibling like you. You are my closest companion. On this extraordinary day, I need to state you, happy birthday sibling. I feel so pleased to have a sibling like you. You are my closest one. On this auspicious day, I want to say to you, Happy birthday to my dear bro.  may all your dreams come true and bring all your happiness in your life with lots of good health and wealth on your birthday.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, Wishes, Status, Images, Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl, a birthday is a very special day for the person. This day can be celebrated in different manners by different sections of society. One of the most common ways of celebration is throwing birthday parties. In many countries the birthday is celebrated by hosting parties and making a tasty cake for the birthday person. On the birthday of the baby girl they celebrate birthday by inviting guests or celebrating with family and friends, decorate the house with balloons and play games.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, Wishes, Status, Images,

Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl, Birthday is an amazing way of celebrating one more year of life. Every person enjoys the special attention on their birthday from their family, friends and relatives.

A new born baby is the best gift that comes straight from heaven. None of us can remember our 1st birthday but our parents remember this moment for sure. Here are some following birthday quotes for baby girl:

  • A baby girl like you is rare. You are so cute and nice that you deserve a superb gift from everybody. Happy birthday for you! May all your days be full with ever increasing happiness!
  • You need a lot of kisses, hugs and blessings from every one. All the blessings of the good people will do good for the coming years. Happy birthday to you!
  • Dear princess, it is the time for you to open your eyes and see the wonderful world around you which has become much brighter with your presence.
  • You are turning one year old today and we are so excited some people think it’s our own birthday party. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you the desire and courage to follow your dreams, your passions. Always.
  • The warmest wishes for the sweetest baby girl on her special day. From now on, I’ll be with you every step of the way. Happy bday!
  • Have a fun-filled day brimming with the sweetest smiles and tastiest treats. Best birthday, dear little one.
  • Happy birthday little honey bee. May you sting us with joy and delight year after year.
  • Dear little princess, you already rule the kingdom of our hearts. Happy birthday!
  • Best wishes to our extraordinary baby girl. You are a wonderful gift in our lives. Best birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

  • It’s your big day, little girl. Enjoy everything life has to offer. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Sending you tons of love and prayers on your special day. Wonderful birthday, little princess.
  • Happy birthday baby girl I am just hoping that God guides you as you are growing up!
  • May your life continue on being fun and that you are happy, baby, have a happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, baby girl, we love you so. Continue to be the source of family’s happiness.
  • Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl. We couldn’t ask for a more precious gift!
  • May your first year be the first of many more filled with just as much love and family.
  • Best birthday wishes and a wonderful baby girl. You are an incredible treasure to us.
  • We hope that your birthday is filled with all of the fun that you can handle.
  • Baby girl, we could never give you a gift that is as great as what you have given to us. We are blessed to have such a beautiful daughter.
Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

People give their best wishes to the birthday baby girl by saying, “Happy BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL” or we can say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL” May god give you live a long life and You have grown up into a wonderful baby girl. You’ve just made us so glad; I simply realize you’ll keep on making us considerably prouder. Have a euphoric birthday. I wish you only bliss from everything without exception you do. May your days be loaded up with gifts! Upbeat birthday to you, my dear baby. Cheerful birthday to my baby girl.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Happy Birthday Baby Boy, Quotes, Message, Status, Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy, Birthday is the day when you have come on the planet. This day is the happiest day in your parent’s life too. You feel special on this day and every one wishes you and you get message gifts and parties.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy, Quotes, Message, Status,

A baby boy is considered a blessing from the god to the family. Since the baby can’t read yet, first birthday wishes are for the parents to read. Here are some quotes for Happy Birthday Wishes to Baby Boy.

  1. Happy first birthday. I know you may be too young to remember this day but I want you know how much you are loved.
  2. On your first birthday we want to celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life by stuffing our faces in front of you. Yum! Happy 1st Birthday!
  3. A special message from mom and dad: We are so thankful that God gave us a boy like you. We love you!
  4. We all wish you hundreds more of these wonderful days! Happy 1st birthday
  5. For one amazing baby we wish a Happy sweet, beautiful, great, awesome and lovely Birthday! Happy birthday sweet baby. A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.
  6. Let the birthday of the most handsome boy be as sweet as honey.
  7. The warmest Birthday greetings to the cutest thing in the whole world!
  8. A Fabulous and memorable happy birthday to my little angel; happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday to the most charming baby boy that I have met! Enjoy your day, sweetie!
  10. Happy Birthday to the smartest boy in all over the world!
  11. We love you so much, cutie, have a blissful day and the happiest life!
  12. Happy birthday to you, cute baby boy, may your special day be full of smiles, gifts and sweet moments!
  13. Your Birthday is not a Miracle, but what you will make out of your Life will definitely be. Happy 1st Birthday.
  14. To the brightest boy in the whole world, here is me wishing you the best birthday, ever!
  15. You are the most loyal, strong and brave companion to me, happy bday to you, boy!
  16. I wish you all the best on your birthday today, keep living your life you want to live, boy.
  17. You are a dreamer so I hope that your dreams may come true, happy birthday to you, boy.
  18. You can do it, no matter what you may be struggling with life right now, wonderful birthday, boy.
  19. Here is to you, boy, may you have the sweetest birthday ever because you are just lovely.
  20. My boy, you are my most prized possession, my one and only treasure, best birthday!

At last, I hope that this post will definitely help you for wishing a Happy Birthday to a Baby boy.

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