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9 Trending Ways to Make Money From YouTube Shorts.

Now thinking how to earn money from YouTube shorts. So you can earn from such YouTube Shorts. Follow these 9 ways to earn from YouTube Shorts.

If you believe in earning from Google, then you can think of earning money from YouTube shorts. Then the question will come in your mind that how to earn money from youtube, how to earn money from youtube shorts, it is very easy friends, it is not as easy as you think.

You know that hard work pays off in any business. So why not YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts will also start to pay and you will earn like long videos on YouTube channel.

Now how to earn money from YouTube shorts or how much will be earned? We should stop thinking about it, because earning comes from hard work, so we have to focus on hard work only.

Yes! To get more profit with less effort, I mean you should know the right way to make youtube shorts viral.

Earning will happen only when millions of people will watch the video of your YouTube channel. For this your video needs to go viral. How to make YouTube short video viral is well explained in previous blog post. You read the previous blog post related to making our videos viral thoroughly, so that you can get the full benefit.

YouTube Shorts launched in India on September 14, 2020 and across the US on March 18, 2021. YouTube Shorts are viewed by over a billion viewers worldwide. Shorts was finally released in beta-mode on July 12, 2021, in 100 countries worldwide. Now YouTube Shorts is fully functional and viewers are loving it.

YouTube shorts monetization

Now YouTube will allow advertisements on short videos like big videos, so that all short makers can get a chance to earn.

YouTube will add a monetization option to Shorts and 45% of all views earned on Shorts videos will be deposited into the bank account of the YouTuber who created the Shorts at the end of the month.

9 Ways to Make Money From YouTube Shorts

9 ways to earn from YouTube shorts -

  1. Sponsored Earning - You can earn very well by making sponsored videos and uploading them on your YouTube Shorts channel.
  2. Subscription Income - You can also make a lot of money from YouTube Shorts by selling channel subscriptions.
  3. Google Ads - Good earnings can be made by placing Google Ads on YouTube like big YouTubers are earning.
  4. Channel Promotion - Additional income can be earned by promoting other's channel on your channel.
  5. Brand Promotion - A huge amount can be earned by promoting the name and about any company on your channel.
  6. Merchandise Selling - You can also make a good amount of money from YouTube shorts by selling merchandise.
  7. Cross Promotion - You too can earn from your youtube shorts by doing cross promotion like big youtuber.
  8. Your Own Shop - You can also make huge profits by opening your own shop and selling your stuff online.
  9. Affiliate Earning - You can earn a lot by putting affiliate links in your YouTube Shorts videos.

Now start to learn about how to viral short video to get more views and subscribers...

Earlier I used to think like you how to make YouTube Shorts Video Viral, today you must be wondering how I learned to make YouTube Shorts Video Viral in a few days.

Today I am going to tell you all the methods that I adopted to make YouTube Shorts video viral and within a few days YouTube Shorts video went viral and got 10 million views on just one video, that means my video reached 10 million people. Gone.

I didn't spend even a single rupee and you can watch my video also.

Now you must be rest assured that I have a new funda to make YouTube short videos viral, which I want to teach you all through this article.

Before telling how to make YouTube Shorts Video viral, I want to give a good news which is beneficial for you and all your friends who want to earn by creating a channel on YouTube.

As you will be very happy to know that YouTube will start running ads on YouTube shorts videos in early 2023, this means you will be able to monetize all YouTube shorts videos as well as long videos, now short videos as well . So YouTube will turn on the option of monetization.

how to make youtube short video viral

Ways to make YouTube Shorts Video viral -

  1. For YouTube shorts, short videos of 15 to 60 seconds have to be made.
  2. Making videos on trending topics.
  3. Make the video better.
  4. Audience retention is high on sensational videos.
  5. Hashtags must be used in all YouTube short videos.
  6. Continuously uploading videos.
  7. Videos should be made on only one topic.
  8. Title of shorts video should be catchy.
  9. The vertical format to be used for YouTube shorts.

YouTube shorts video monetization, viral it and make money

YouTube shorts video viral tricks

These are all little tricks that I used. I know you still haven't understood the hour because the picture is yet to come my friend. which is like this -

YouTube shortens videos to 10 to 15 seconds

I previously made short videos of 5 to 10 seconds for YouTube shorts. You would be surprised to know why I did this. i tell you now

I read YouTube's algorithm, in which it is assumed that there is no formula for trending videos, rather those videos will go trending which people will watch more. It was written right next to it that Audience Retention, which will be more, sends that video to YouTube's suggestion and suggestions algorithm. enough. At that moment my head started spinning and a thought came to my mind that would change my life, so what, I did everything I was supposed to do and my trick worked wonders.

Trending Topics

Everyone says that videos should be made on trending topics. I didn't do anything like that then what happened... you keep reading.

By the way, videos should be made only on trending topics. Still a problem comes, that is the niche of your channel which everyone is shouting. brothers Sisters ! Listen to one thing with your ears open. If you make video on trending topic then you have to leave niche phrase, because you will not always get trending topic to make video according to your niche, my friend. Then what did I do...

You can too. It is not necessary, to do or not to do is up to you. I created a channel and then worked very hard. To no avail as the subscribers were not increasing and people were not even watching my videos. A big reason for this was my topic (niche) which I had chosen. The number of people watching videos on that topic was almost non-existent. You should know that you cannot forcefully show the video to anyone. Then what did I do? ,

I had to work on my topic (niche) as well as trending topics so that good views come and subscribers also increase. Now the ghost of the subject (niche) was haunting me, then a new idea (idea) came to my aching mind which changed my life. You can also adopt if you want. It was he -

Created a channel, then first started uploading videos on trending topics, still thousands of views started coming and some subscribers also started increasing. But what I wanted was not happening, so I found another trick, I will tell further. Now we are talking about trick number two to make the video viral on the channel. Then kept making videos like this for a few days and got to learn a lot.

Now I started crazy about million views, because now millions of views started coming on the channel. Then a short trick discovered to make another YouTube shorts go viral changed everything.

Making videos on trending topics.

I have seen many YouTubers searching on the internet by writing How to viral short video on youtube 2023, because not a single video of theirs went viral, so they were doing this so that they could find a trick that would make the video viral. . could

Earlier I used to do the same, then I got such a topic that my life changed. You too can adopt.

A Day…

I was searching for topics on the internet and making videos on whatever I found. Got such a topic that thousands of views started coming on the video. Then he continued and a flurry of new subjects followed. That day I realized that the internet is a storehouse of information. You just have to be a seeker.

The video has to be improved a bit, so I tried to improve the video. Initially did not make any special video but after a few days a lot of improvement started.

How to know whether your video is good or not? I used to watch my videos. Even after watching the video, I felt like watching it again and again and never felt bad watching that video. Understand that you are making great videos. I used to watch such videos, once after watching the video, if I do not feel like watching that video again, then I understand that my video is not good. He used to remove that video from the channel, then videos were made and one day after another the videos started going viral.

Audience retention is high on sensational videos.

It's all about the fact that audience retention is more available on sensational videos. People watch that video not once but many times and watch the video completely. That's what YouTube wants. YouTube automatically makes such videos viral.

Hashtags must be used in all YouTube short videos.

Hashtags must be used in all YouTube short videos. Some say that hashtags should be used at the beginning of the title and some say that hashtags should be used at the end of the title. I tried it all and you can do what I did.

By applying hashtags at different places for about a month, it was seen that at which place in the shorts video, applying hashtags gives more benefit. Earlier I used to put hashtags at the end of the title. Then put hashtags in the description of youtube shorts. And what benefited me more was that if I put hashtags in the description of YouTube and the same keywords in keyword tags, then I benefited more.

Continuously uploading videos.

That's all. Earlier I did not upload videos continuously, then started uploading videos continuously, then started getting more profit and then adopted a new method which changed my life too. You can also adopt this method.

Once I had to go somewhere, I made 10 videos at once and uploaded all at once and scheduled the videos to go public, then what happened, you will be as surprised as me. Thousands to lakhs of views started coming on the video.

This means if you upload videos at a certain time every day, you get more views. I started doing the same and the videos started going viral.

Videos should be made on only one topic.

It is a good thing but I did not do it and will not do it because the field or sector that I have chosen is real estate. There is not much traffic in real estate so first of all I will follow all above methods to increase more subscribers on channel then upload only and only real estate designed videos so that my real purpose can be fulfilled. If my channel was education or job or entertainment or comedy I would never do this.

The title of the short video should be catchy.

It is necessary for any type of channel video to have an attractive short video title. Be it YouTube or any other platform, the title of the video should be such that it touches the heart, only then people will watch the video more and more.

The vertical format to be used for YouTube shorts.

I use the vertical format for YouTube shorts. You can too.

In this article, I have given all the methods used to make YouTube shorts viral. I will keep reaching you through this article if I get more new methods.

Now if you want to take any opinion from me then you can give me your number in the comment box because the comment is private so only I can see it. If anyone has any good way to make video viral then you can write in comment box and I will make that comment public so that someone can be benefited by adopting your method.

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YouTube shorts monetization start to earn $10,000 per month in 2023

YouTube shorts monetization to make money.

How To Make Money From Real Estate YouTube Shorts? How To Make Money From Real Estate Shorts Videos On YouTube? Read full details here.

Hello friends, as you all know that nowadays YouTube has become a source of earning money from the internet. In such a situation, creators have increased a lot on YouTube in the last few years and getting success here is not as easy as before.

But YouTube has launched its YouTube Shorts feature, so that now such creators who were not getting success can grow their channel with the help of Shorts feature.

What is YouTube Shorts? The feature of YouTube Shorts is just like Instagram Reels and Tiktok where you can upload real estate videos from 15 seconds to 60 seconds and the special thing is that videos with real estate shorts are very viral. Not only this, now if you want, you can also earn money from your real estate shorts videos. So let’s know how you can make money from real estate shorts on YouTube.
YouTube shorts monetization start to earn $10,000 per month in 2023YouTube shorts monetization start to earn $10,000 per month in 2023

Earn Money from YouTube Shorts

How to earn money from YouTube shorts?

YouTube is starting monetization for all real estate short video creators like big videos, under which creators can now earn money by making good real estate or interior short videos. The more people watch, the more money you get.

YouTube Shorts is available to all creators whether they have more or less subscribers but you have to keep in mind that your real estate Shorts videos are good. If any of your small real estate video goes viral and it does not get millions or millions of views, it means that the content of your real estate video is not good, you should make this video well so that in a small video, the whole house design and its Can tell about

How to transfer YouTube Shorts money to my bank account?

After earning at least $100 from YouTube, you will get an official mail, in which there will be news related to sending money to your account.

You will be asked to link your Google Adsense with YouTube channel. Friends Google Adsense is a kind of digital bank account where the total money earned from YouTube comes, later you can add your personal bank account and get it transferred to you.

If your Google Adsense is already linked then you will get money in your bank account between 21st to 26th of next month.
how to make real estate shorts

The way to make real estate shorts videos on YouTube that everyone will love, because this method is the easiest.

  • To make YouTube shorts, you have to open the YouTube App in your mobile.
  • After that you have to press on the plus + button below
  • Then the option of ‘Create a Short’ will appear in front of you, click on it.
  • After that shorts camera will open in front of you
  • There will be an option of Flip on your camera so that you can face your camera forward or backward.
  • The second one will be of Speed ​​here so that you can increase the speed of your video and
  • The third option is Timer by which you can set the time for the video to start.

Similarly, using shorts videos of cool houses on YouTube, you have to make great videos every day, if the design of the house is a bit good and you have made it well, then it will definitely go viral on YouTube.

Earning money from youtube real estate videos is easy but for that you have to make videos continuously and make real estate shorts with full hard work only then you can be successful here.

Friends, this question will be in your mind that can we monetize our Real Estate Shorts Videos through Adsense?

So the answer is yes you can monetize your shorts videos on which ads will be shown by google adsense but earlier ads were shown on your videos only when people viewed your shorts videos in browse feature now from feb 2023 shorts feed I will also see ads. Now if you watch the video of the shorts, advertisements will be shown there. The process of monetizing YouTube shorts is also similar to normal videos.

Friends, most of your people’s question was that how to monetize YouTube Shorts, so now you must have come to know about it.

How to Monetize YouTube Shorts

Like Tiktok, Instagram Reels, YouTube also wants to popularize its shorts video platform, so YouTube is making these shorts videos quite viral and also showing ads on them. In such a situation, all of you have this golden opportunity that you too can earn a lot of money from YouTube by making short videos within 1 minute of your talent.

How to make YouTube Shorts video Viral?

  • Make at least 1 or 2 videos daily.
  • Make your video in vertical resolution from mobile.
  • There should be unique content. This means that you should not upload someone else’s video.
  • Do not put any intro of yours in Shorts video. Make home video from your mobile and give complete information.
  • Keep the sound clear in the video.

    Notice – YGhar is also a famous real estate YouTube channel. You can also promote your channel

Ways to Make Money From Real Estate YouTube Shorts

  • There should be 1000 subscribers and 10 million views on your channel.
  • Enable Monetization and: Earn money by placing Ads on your videos through Google Adsense.
  • You can earn money by placing a 10 second advertisement at the end of the short video.
  • Money can also be earned by doing paid review of a product in the video.
  • You can earn from commission even by selling the property.
  • By making a video of the profile of the real estate company, you can take money instead of uploading it on your channel.
  • You can earn money by listing real estate.

So what are you waiting for, make your own Shorts Channel on YouTube today and put real estate videos so that people get a chance to watch real estate sitting at home and people like your video and you also become famous on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts Monetization Rules 2023, YouTube Shorts Monetization Rules 2023

Friends, that’s all in this blog post, if you have any other questions related to this topic, how to grow real estate shorts channel on YouTube and earn money sitting at home, then you can ask us by commenting below.

Shorts Video FAQ

YouTube shorts video earnings per view in India

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