Real estate blogs 2023 topics, examples, titles

Real estate blogs 2023 topics, examples, titles, Everyone knows that nowadays the number of internet users in our country is increasing day by day, in such a situation, people like to come online and see many house designs, but where some people come to the internet only to buy houses. There are some people who are earning lakhs of rupees a month from real estate blog.

In this real estate blog, I am going to tell you about such a real estate blog from which you too can earn lakhs of rupees from internet by working from home, so let’s know what is real estate blogging and how to make money by writing blog on real estate Earn it.

What is blogging? Blogging means when we share any of our information with others by writing on the internet.

The demand for real estate blogging is everywhere because real estate information can be easily conveyed to people by writing. People in foreign countries read a lot of real estate blogs on the internet and in India too people have started getting real estate information by reading real estate blogs. In such a situation, the future of real estate blogging is very good, that is why you should also start real estate blogging.

How to make money from Real Estate Blogging?

What is Real Estate Blogging?

Real Estate Blogging: Friends, real estate blogging means sharing real estate information on the Internet by writing, which people can read and know about some important properties. Real estate blogging is very popular in India these days and people are very fond of reading about real estate on google, so this is the best time to write and share your real estate project information on the internet. And earn money from real estate blogging.

You must have heard the name of Harsh Agarwal in blogging, if not, then let me tell you that he is a professional blogger and earns above 30 to 40 lakhs a month comfortably.

If like him, you are also fond of writing about real estate, then you too can earn good money from real estate blogging.

There are more than 500 million people reading blogs on the internet and its future is going to grow a lot. Real estate blogging is a passive income source i.e. when you are looking for someone, your real estate blog will be earning.

What is Niche?

Niche means the topic on which you want to write your blog. As we write about real estate, real estate is a niche.

Friends, choosing niche is very important because you should focus only on that thing on which you can write more. You write your blog on the same topic about which you have more information and on which you are interested, because in which you do not have experience and you do not have interest, then you will not be able to run that website for a long time, so you should start your blog or Before starting a website, it should be decided what its niche will be.
Note: If you write your blog on only one niche, then it improves the ranking of your website, so that more people come to read your blog.

Where to Write Real Estate Blog for Free on the Internet

There are many places in the internet from where you can start blogging. For that you will find many such websites in Google like,, etc. If you want, you can start your blogging career after creating your account on any of these websites.

If you are new to blogging then you should first start with because it is free, and for blogging in wordpress you will have to invest some money in the beginning.

Friends, writing anything on the internet is not free, for this you have to buy both domain and hosting first, then you can make your own website and earn money from it.

What is real estate domain?

Friends domain means having a name of your own on the internet. When you create your website, by what name will people recognize your website? So that’s why for the identity of your real estate website, you need to buy the domain name of the real estate company or any other name.

What is hosting?

Hosting means that some place on the internet, when you write a blog on the internet, some service on the internet will maintain that blog on the internet, for this you need to buy hosting, but in you will get both domain and hosting. are available for free.

Note: Friends, are all domain names, in the same way you can also buy a domain of your real estate and create a website. Vs

But friends, this question must be coming in your mind that when we are getting domain name and hosting on blogger for free, then why should we pay for it in WordPress.

But there is a slight difference between blogger and wordpress because suppose if you are running a website ‘’ then in blogger its name will appear which is free, but there you buy a new domain You will get it under the name of which will look nice and professional after putting it in WordPress.

Benefits of buying a domain

There are other benefits of buying a domain such as your website will start ranking quickly and will reach many people, due to which more people will come to read your blog.

Benefits of buying hosting

And while we talk about hosting, Blogger has its own hosting where you can get hosting for free.

If you earn from Adsense from blog, then instead of giving hosting for free, Google keeps 45% of the total earnings in your blog and gives you the remaining 55%, but for WordPress, you take hosting. So his entire income becomes yours.

Real estate blog free vs paid

  • In Blogger, you get domain and hosting right there, but to install domain and hosting in WordPress, you have to buy both of them from other website like godaddy or Hostgator.
  • In Blogger, your website is ready immediately, but in WordPress, you have to prepare it by installing domain, hosting yourself.
  • WordPress is the best in Blogger and WordPress, in this you get plugins so that you can design and prepare your website well.
  • And it comes with such plugins so that you can keep your website more secure than Blogger.

Note: Plugins are that feature of WordPress that you get built-in, so that you can easily make any good changes in your website.

Note: If you want to know how to create your own Real Estate Blog on Blogger then it is very simple. You will find many such videos on Youtube where you have been told step by step how to create a blog on

How to start Real Estate Blogging?

You can easily start real estate blogging, for this we are going to tell you about 6 best platforms.

1) Dailyhunt: Dailyhunt is India’s News App on which people read daily news. This is a very good app which gives people the opportunity to earn money along with information. Dailyhunt has launched its DH Creator Program so that people who are fond of writing can earn money by working on it.

How to create Dailyhunt Publisher Account?

To join Dailyhunt’s DH Creator Program, you have to click on this link.

After clicking, a page will open in front of you where you have to give your e-mail Id, phone number details and a link to any of your blogs, then you have to submit, after that the dailyhunt team will give you approval after reviewing your account.

If you get approval then a mail will come from dailyhunt on your registered email id. A link will be given in that mail and you have to open it by clicking on it. Then you will click on sign-up with google after which another new page will open where you will have to enter your name, profile picture, About Me, Language, Category, Date of Birth, Gender, Location where you live, Email id and submit.

After that OTP will come on your registered mobile number, by entering which you will have to verify your mobile number. Just after that your Dailyhunt dashboard will appear from where you can start writing articles and check views, earning of your written posts. Friends, I hope you have come to know completely that how to earn money from dailyhunt.

2) Quora: Quora is a very good platform where you can earn money by writing and solving people’s queries. On Quora you get quora space which is a kind of page on which you can write your content and earn money.

Creating an account on Quora is very easy, all you need to do is go to Google and quora. com, then you have to open the official link of Quora which will come in front of you. You will see the option to sign-up on the top right side, by clicking on it, you just have to enter your email id, password and then confirm password and then your account will be created.

But you also have to verify your quora account, for this you have to go to your email id with which you registered on quora. After coming to your email id, you will see there that an official mail must have come from quora, you have to verify your account by clicking on it. Then you can create your own platform ie space on which you can write on the topic of your choice if you want. If people come to read your post, then you will start earning from it.

Most people do not know how to earn money from Quora, so we have written a separate detailed blog on Quora, you can read it by clicking on this link below.

3) Tumblr: Tumblr is a short-blogging platform where you can earn money by blogging. This is also a foreign social media site where you can do blogging but here blogging is done in short form means blogging has to be done in less words. Here you can put all types of content like photo, text, video, audio, link, quotes.

In this platform, you will get more English audience, in such a situation, if you write English content, then you will get more benefit and you will get easy reach from it. Friends, on having post engagement Reach, you will get more by the people and then you will be able to earn money from this platform.

4) Blogger: Google has its own blogging platform named blogger. This platform is very good for new people because new creators can learn blogging well here in the initial stages. In blogger you get free domain and hosting and very easily you can create your own blog or website. Blogger is a good way by which you can earn money. If you are new to the online world and want to write, then you should start with blogger.

5) WordPress: WordPress is a little advance platform. Most of the websites are built on WordPress. In WordPress, you can design your website according to your own, so that your website will look professional. WordPress websites are very SEO Friendly, here your content gets ranked quickly and a lot of traffic comes to your website, due to which earning starts increasing.

WordPress is better than Blogger but you have to invest to make a website in WordPress because here you will have to buy domain and hosting separately only after that your website will be ready. But if you create an account in wordpress then you will get many benefits and your earning will be more than blogger.

6) Reddit: Reddit is a type of blogging platform but it is more popular in foreign countries, if you want to get success in it then you have to put more English content in it. Reddit is also like Tumblr, here also you can share images, link, video, audio along with blogging. Reddit is a very popular app and it is one of the top 10 social media in the world.

Real estate blogging earning

how much money does real estate blogging make? The same question comes in everyone’s mind that how much does real estate blogging earn?

Friends, no one can tell that how much you can earn from real estate blogging because if your blog will be read in foreign countries like USA, CANADA etc. then you will earn more than that and will be read in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc. So you will be earning a little less. Still, if we guess, if 1000 people read your blog in USA, CANADA, then you can earn 15 to 20 dollars comfortably, in other countries you can get 4 or 5 dollars for 1000 views.

How to earn money

How to earn money from real estate blogging?

There are many ways to earn money from blogging in which it comes first like by listing property, house selling, Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Real Estate Company Sponsored Post, Selling Real Estate Course Book etc.

Google Adsense

Real estate blogging se earning kaise hoti hai?

Google AdSense: Google Adsense is a service of Google itself, which shows advertisements of many companies in other’s website, for which those companies pay Google to promote their product and because Google has promoted those companies through your website. For that, Google gives you 55% of the money received and keeps the rest of the money for itself.

Friends, as I told earlier that you use, which is Google’s service, for free, then Google will definitely take some part of the earnings on your blog instead, but if your website is built in WordPress, then The total income becomes yours.

Friends, like Google Adsense, is also a service of Yahoo and it also shows advertisements on other’s website just like AdSense, so that content creators can earn money.

Note: Content creator means content writer. Here the content is your blog and you are the creator, that means the person who writes the blog or content is known as the creator. shows ads only on English blogs, so if you like to write blogs in Hindi, then google adsense will be fine for you.

There are many such advertisement showing companies, but Google Adsense is the best among all of them because Google Adsense is most popular in the world through which millions of people are earning money.

Affiliate marketing

How to earn money from affiliate marketing on blog?

Affiliate Marketing: Friends, Affiliate Marketing is such a source through which people are earning more than Google Adsense on their blog, but before proceeding further, let us know what Affiliate Marketing is.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means selling something on the Internet through link through your website or blog, for which you get some money in the form of commission. You all must be using e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, where you get many products like clothes, mobiles, etc. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart pay you commission on selling any of these items.

Amazon, Snapdeal, all these companies have started their own affiliate program in which people join it by creating their account and get their goods sold on the internet, for which this company gives them some percentage of the sold goods.

Friends, after listening to the name Affiliate Marketing, you must be finding it very difficult, but it is not so, you do not have to sell goods by speaking to people yourself, rather you will get a link to the goods on Amazon, Flipkart’s website, which you should share on your blog. People who come to read your blog, if they like that item, then they will click on that link, then they will go directly to Amazon’s website and buy that product, and as soon as that person will get that item in a few days. Some percentage of that will be given to you.

Amazon sends a few money to your Affiliate program account as a reward for selling its goods, which you can later transfer to your bank account.

Friends, if you are writing about a mobile, then you should pick up a mobile link from Amazon or if you are writing about a beauty product, then put a good cream link there, otherwise people will not buy your goods.

Understand that if you write a blog about mobile and you have given a link of some clothes on your website, then the people who come to read the article on your website are interested in buying mobile, so they have come to your website, in such a situation, if you are selling a mobile If you give a link to a cloth instead of a link, then why would that person buy that item? That’s why it is necessary to give a link to the right product for earning well in affiliate marketing.

Friends bloggers earn more than Google Adsense through affiliate marketing from their blog at present. In such a situation, affiliate marketing is also a good option to earn from your blog.

Real Estate Sponsor post

Real estate blog sponsor post earning

When you take money and tell about a real estate company or property by writing on your real estate blog, then it is called Sponsored post. Any blogger has tremendous earning from sponsor post because people trust the information given on Google more and that is why small to big real estate companies look for bloggers who are already ranked in Google. The real estate blog which people come to read in large numbers, similar real estate blog owners are approached by big companies and ask them to write about their real estate projects and in return charge a substantial fee from them.

Real estate featured post earning

Friends, apart from sponsor post, you can also earn from featured post. When you start a blog, then by posting a featured post or stick to any property in your blog, the blog post with this property will appear on the homepage of your blog itself, which will help more people to get information about that company immediately. Proves to be helpful. In return, you can charge a fee from that property company.

You can also do brand marketing about your blog or products by writing a featured post and getting it published for free on others’ blogs.

Real Estate Course Selling

You can earn money by selling courses on real estate blog. When you sell any of your courses online as a digital book, it is called ebook selling. Friends, this question will definitely come in your mind that when we can earn money by writing our knowledge in our blog, then good money can be earned by selling the same article online by making an ebook.

Instamojo is a great platform to create and sell eBooks. This is a reliable website that will convert your content into ebook, after which you can share its link on your blog. People who have been liking your content for a long time, they will definitely buy this ebook by paying money.

Blog promotion ideas

Real estate blogs 2023 topics, examples, titles

How to promote your real estate blog

Friends, you have prepared a real estate blog. You have also written a lot of information about real estate, but how will this information reach people, because your blog is still new and real estate people or home buyers do not even know.

In the initial phase, when you start real estate blogging, Google does not reach your written blog quickly. For that you have to initially promote your blog or website, for which you can share your blog with your friends on social networking sites like facebook, WhatsApp, so that Google’s algorithm will know that people are reading your blog. And also liking it, then it will rank your blog upwards in its search engine and when people search something related to your topic on Google, then your blog will come in front of them.

Note: You can bring some traffic to your blog by using and google search console for better ranking.

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