Karnataka BPL List 2023, Karnataka Ration Card List 2023


Karnataka BPL List 2023, Karnataka Ration Card List,

Karnataka is a south western region of India and it is manufacturing hub for public companies. Karnataka covered sixth largest area in the country. 

The state also ranks number eighth in population with total population of 61,130,704. And 56% of the population is involved in agriculture and its related activities according census 2011.

Karnataka BPL List 2023

Karnataka is taking major steps in solving poverty. Poverty percentage in Karnataka is 20.91%.

In last few decades there is a major decline in poverty rate. Government has also introduced many schemes to help BPL people. Some of these schemes are as follows:

Ayushman Bharat and Arogya Karnataka

This scheme is launched for the healthcare of people. Under this scheme 

BPL families can avail treatment upto Rs.5 lakhs per annum and APL families are also benefited from this scheme but they will get treatment benefit upto Rs.1.5 lakhs.

Government has done agreement with 36 hospitals for this scheme.

Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

This scheme is launched in 2006 for BPL families who are having girl child. This scheme is eligible for 2 girl child per family.

This scheme is launched to increase the status of girls in society. Government will give 10,000/- per girl child.

Atal Pension Yojana

Government has launched this scheme on May 9, 2015. This scheme is launched for poor and underprivileged people. In this scheme government will provide pension depending on the contribution. This scheme will provide financial assistance to poor people.

Not only this schemes government has initiated many other benefits like free bus passes for students, smoke free kitchen, universal healthcare, free education for girl child etc.

Every government has set an income bar to identify BPL families so that they can provide them with some help. 

Karnataka government said that if a person is having an income till 1.2 lakhs per annum will be eligible for BPL cards. 

BPL cards will be given on the spot by the government if a person if having an income certificate. 

Government is also providing free gas connections to women of BPL families and government will directly pay Rs.1940 to the gas company. 

These all schemes are initiated by the government for those people who can’t afford these basic necessities. 

Government of Karnataka has decided to simplify the process of BPL cards. 

Before there were 14 parameters to identify BPL families but now government wants this process to be hassle free so that eligible persons can easily take advantage of the schemes which are initiated by the government.

In Karnataka there are three types of Ration Card BPL, APL and Antodya. 

In comparison to all three card holders of Antodya is eligible in receiving more Ration than others. 

People can now have offline as well as online access to make BPL cards. Just by going to Ration Card website they can see their names on the list and they can also enrol for the same.

But they have to fill correct details and they also have to attach the required documents with the form and they can also see the status of their Ration Card online. All these steps are taken for the ease of the people.   

Government of Karnataka has launched a scheme called “Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan”.

The main aim of this scheme is to educate the young generation and this program is especially for poor people so that they can study and in future they can get jobs and they will not be dependent on anybody.

The literacy rate of Karnataka is much more than many states in India. Government of the state is putting the main focus on education so that in future poverty rate will not increase.


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