Tata Capital Home Loan


Tata capital home loans

It is an amount of money borrowed by the borrower who needs money to make their house or purchase, renovate, and construct their house. Here we talk about Tata capital home loan which helps customers to offer loans at affordable interest rates.

Money is borrowed by the financial institutions such as banks and companies that lend money. Home loan is charged interest which is when borrowers pay interest rates through EMIs or in instalments and follows the terms, and conditions of home loan.

Tata capital home loan offers affordable home loans and its process was very smooth and customers get their loan on time after the completion of documents. Tata housing offers multiple home loan schemes at affordable interest rates which start from 9.25%.

TCHFL also offers several schemes under the terms, and conditions. Every borrower needs a loan at the right time and here is this financial institution that offers a loan facility which charges attractive interest rates for the beneficiaries of the customers. 

  1. Features of Tata capital home loans.

 Main objective of the Tata capital home loan is to provide home loans to borrowers who need money to purchase or renovate their home. TCHFL provides multiple home loans to the customers. Tata capital home loan offers wide ranges of schemes for the customer’s requirement. It has an easy, quick, and home loan documentation process. 

  1. Benefits of LIC housing finance limited. 

Tata capital provides a quick disbursement loan facility at the right time. Tata capital offers several home loans schemes which are affordable housing loan, home extension loan, NRI home loan. It is a benefit for the individuals or the number of people who really need home or free from the rental payments or live freely. The company benefits all levels of housing. Lowest interest rates are offered by the Tata capital housing finance limited. Interest charge rates start from 9.25% p.a. 

  1.  Purpose of Tata housing home loans. 

The main purpose of this company is to give loans to residents or non-residents (NRIs) of India and persons of India (PIO’s). The main objective of the Tata capital home loan is a offer several schemes which are: 

Affordable housing loan

 Tata capital offers affordable home loans under the pradhan mantri awas yojana scheme. Loan amount to borrowers is rs 2 lakh onward and its interest rate is 9.65%. Loan repayment year is up to 30 years.

 Home extension loan 

It is a scheme which gives your family an extra space with Tata capital home extension loan. Loan amount to borrowers is Rs. 1 lakh onward at the interest rate of 11%. P.a. Loan tenure is up to 1 to 5 years. 

Tata capital NRI home loan. 

Tata capital offers loans to NRIs who purchase their house in India also without any problem. Loan amount to borrowers is Rs. 2 lakh to 10 crores at the interest rate of 9% p.a. 

  1. Eligibility for Tata capital home loan. 

Borrower should be Indian citizen or resident of India or a non-resident of India. Loan is given only to them who are salaried employees or self dependent. Age of the applicant must be 24 to 65 years. Tata housing finance limited required salary slip or certificate of last 3 months. Copy of IT returns of the last 2 years required. Copy of form 16 for the last two years for salaried applicants. 

Tata capital required three years’ income tax returns/assessment orders along with the computation of income and statements of accounts certified by C.A. for self-employed. Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet, Audit Reports (last three-year financial statement). Borrower gross monthly income should be 1, 00.000 per year. As per these requirements, the applicant fills the form correctly. 

 Charges of loan. 

  • Home loan interest rate starts from 9.25 % p.a.
  •   Loan amount up to 2 lakh, Tata capital home loan charge interest 9.65%.
  •  Tata capital home loan charges 11% if the loan amount is Rs 1 lakh. 
  • Tata capital charges 9% if the loan amount is Rs 2 lakh to 10 crores. 

These charges are assured by Tata capital home loan finance limited in the given terms and conditions. 

 Repayment of loan 

For repayment of loan, following conditions should be taken:

  • Loan tenure of home loan is up to 30 years. Payment paid in instalments.
  • Repayment of an affordable home loan is up to 30 years. 
  • Repayment of home extension loan is 1 to 5 years. 
  • Repayment or loan tenure of NRI home loan is up to 10 years.

  1.  Documents required for Tata capital home loan. 

  • Three passports size photos. 
  • Employer Identity card. Loan application form duly filled with proper information.
  •  Residential proof of the applicant or recent copy of telephone bill, electricity bill, water bills, driving license. 
  •  Income documents — bank statements (last 6 months), salary 6 months slips, EMI debits any. Property papers if any. 
  • For further queries of Tata capital home loan go to the official website of Tata capital home loan and fill up the required fields to the given terms and conditions.

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