PMEGP Loan, Process, Eligibility, Apply Online Application



PMEGP Loan, Process, Eligibility, Apply Online Application
PMEGP Loan, Process, Eligibility, Apply Online Application

About Govt Loan

Sum of Money is borrowed from the financial institution or bank for any purpose known as Loan. Loan is considered to fulfill a need for money at sudden or emergencies. Loan is a type of money assuring banks and mortgaging their assets. 

Loan assures money to the borrower but sum of money with interest and other fees charges. Loan is a type of contract between Lender and Borrower. Loan is a type of financial service provided by a bank to their customer to help them in sudden situations.

Loan is a type of service which is liable to repay within the tenure period. Loan type of security as it works according to signed terms and conditions in spite of the market environment. Loans give flexibility and convenience. 

Reasons of Loan

  • At the time of sudden and emergencies.
  • To increase the capital.
  • To fulfill the needs.
  • To transfer the money.
  • To pay off debts.
  • Secure from high interest rates and other charges of credit.
  • To gain security against the mortgage.
  • To deal with authorised financial institutions with their services.

Types of Loan

  • Personal Loan 
  • Business Loan 
  • House Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Commercial Loan 
  • Loan against securities
  • Auto Loan


PMEGP stands for ‘Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme’. PMEGP was organized under the ministry of Micro , small and medium enterprises. PMEGP was introduced by the Prime minister of Indian named ‘Narendra Modi’.

PMEGP is a type of scheme launched to provide employment opportunities to people. PMEGP is launched to reduce the unemployed among the India and initiate to make it employed India. PMEGP is a type of movement official by the government of India for the youth generation to become self relevant.

PMEGP means for generations to consider camping , a programme where the employer knows about to build/generate employment or occupy it with best deals of career options. PMEGP educates both rural and urban areas about ways which path for development , advancement and innovation.

PMEGP is a type of alternative to reduce the crises due to economics , food. PMEGP means to cover all the hidden issues or problems which are associated with financing and sum of money. PMEGP Provides value of education in which an individual charges their spirit to earn or increase their earning.

PMEGP Scheme

PMEGP Scheme is launched for the Khadi and village industries under the assurance of Khadi and Village industries commission, State Khadi and Village industries board , District Industries centres and banks.

PMEGP Scheme to focus on business/companies which provide employment. PMEGP scheme is a type of scheme which is linked to direct bank accounts. PMEGP Scheme is a type of financial scheme which means to assure financial rotation.

PMEGP Scheme or we can yojana to provide the loan to associate the people’s needs/economics with the government. PMEGP Scheme is launched with assurance of the state chief minister and important commissionaires.

PMEGP Scheme to make India where all individuals are involved in the innovation /ideas , everyone survives with basic necessities for living. PMEGP Scheme to make India working and employed. PMEGP Scheme to increase Rupee value among the world.


PMEGP Loan is Loan assured under their guidance to people who need/search for a job. PMEGP Loan is a type of beneficiary scheme which is associated with credit subsidy. As under this scheme of Loan , the government had invested 15-35% of the subsidy cost of this project.

PMEGP Loan is a type of initiative for micro , small and medium business. PMEGP Loan implemented at national level which includes state and district level for effective output. PMEGP Loan provides the finance to meet employment opportunities/set up new ventures/expand the existing/create new infrastructure.

PMEGP Loan provides financial service due to fulfill the need of requirement with quick process. PMEGP Loan provides an opportunity to post for entrepreneurs with ideas or innovation of profits and development. PMEGP Loan provides a way to initiate for increasing finance/earnings.

PMEGP Loan is associated with ‘Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana’ in which their motive is to provide livelihood to people. PMEGP Loan was initiated in 2008 but officially got identity in 2020 of ‘20 sept’. PMEGP Loan involves the banks offering loans with their scheme terms as an option to loans.

PMEGP Loan is also associated with ‘Rural employment Generation programme (REGP)’. PMEGP loan to provide a common area to traditional artists and professional workers. PMEGP Loan to increase the efficiency of entrepreneurs institutions , cooperative societies , SHGs trust.

Necessary details of PMEGP Loan

  • PMEGP loans amounts for projects is about 10% to 15% is invested by the Government for welfare.
  • PMEGP offers Loan at their assurance means 

  1. For manufacturing units from Rs.9 Lakh upto Rs.25 Lakh/-.
  2. For service units from Rs.50,000/- upto Rs.10 Lakh/-

  • PMEGP Loan is associated with Employment development training programs in which minimum 10 days of working with cost of projects from Rs.5Lakh and more than it.

Need PMEGP Loan

  • High charges and interest rates
  • Exploitation
  • Long process.
  • Uncovient terms and conditions.
  • Minimum tenure period.
  • Additional charges 
  • Poor financial service
  • Lower value of economic amount.
  • Unfair market condition.
  • Contract problems.
  • Portal or schedules for loan approval 
  • Mortgages consider

Aim of PMEGP Loan

  • To increase the opportunities of employment in rural and urban areas.
  • To develop the spirit and provide the opportunity of self employment.
  • To provide sustainable and continuous employment in India.
  • To boost youth to earn their livelihood.
  • To rid off unemployment from India.
  • To develop the standard of people.
  • To reduce the migration.
  • To boost the financial environment.
  • To increase the earnings.
  • Establishment of new projects and ventures.
  • Create the new infrastructure of India.
  • To provide an area to the traditional artisan.

Benefits of PMEGP Loan

  • People borrowing is assured with government terms and conditions.
  • Increase the employment opportunities among the backward areas.
  • Growth and development of backward and poor areas.
  • Skill development among people.
  • Rotation of finance among India.
  • Involve each and every individual whether youth , women.
  • Lower interest rates in spite of other Bank loans.
  • Provide additional facility of subsidy , lower margin rates etc.
  • Minimization of economic crises among India.
  • People are coming forward and initiating new ideas and innovations.
  • Better economic and market conditions
  • Flexible and convenient financing.

Calculation of Interest charges

As PMEG is type of loan which charges interest rate and other fees due to their financial services , as they charges for they define their calculation of charging it , which is as follows :

  • Government will provide a subsidy on the amount of loan between 15% to 35% of margin value.
  • The Government will provide 60% to 75% provided as value of loan to the borrower.
  • Interest rates charge on the value of money from 11% upto 13%.
  • Interest rates and other fees charges will be based on tenure period which is from 3 years upto 7 years.

Subsidy of PMEGP Loan

CategoriesBeneficiary sharesSubsidy rate (Urban area)Subsidy rate (rural area)
General 10%15%25%

Eligibility of PMEGP Loan

  • Should be equal or more than 18 years.
  • Should be Indian citizen or resident of india.
  • Should be particular with necessary documents.
  • Should pass primary class.
  • Charitable trusts.
  • Cooperative society.
  • Economic weaker section of society.
  • Registered under society act , 1860.

PMEGP Loan Documents required

Documents required for PMEGP Loan are as follows :

  • Proof of identity – aadhar , pan card , caste certificate.
  • Proof of address – Rural/urban area certificate.
  • Educational certificate.
  • KYC Certificate .
  • Copy of bank pass book of equal or more than 6 months.
  • EDP Certificate.
  • Income statement of previous and current year.
  • Authorization letter.
  • Report of project.
  • If a special person (disable) their certificate.

Limitation of PMEGP Loan

  • PMEGP Loan limits upto Rs.9.75 Lakh to Rs.23 Lakh in ordinary cases , in case of good score then it goes for upto Rs.25 Lakh.
  • PMEGP Loan offers by bank upto 60% to 75% of amount value of Loan , remaining receive the margin values which is between 15% to 35%
  • The contribution of beneficiaries is 5% to 10% , remaining is enjoyed by bank around 90% to 95%.

Registration of PMEGP Loan

Registering for PMEGP Loan m you have to follows these basic steps :

  •  Visit the official website of PMEGP Loan ‘’.
  • Click on the online application form.
  • Then , a web page will appear in which form is available to apply.
  • Fill that form with proper and required details.
  • Click on the save application data
  • Upload documents and passport size photos.
  • Click on submit button

Repayment of PMEGP Loan

  • Repayment would be considered online or offline.
  • Repayment would be on a fixed date with a fixed amount.
  • Late charges on late repayment.
  • Repayment within the tenure period.
  • Repayment would be according to terms and conditions of PMEGP Yojana of Loan.
  • Repayment of principal rate with interest.
  • Repayment is considered by anybody but on the name of the borrower , so that the Government knows about you.

For More news regarding Government schemes for Loan or about loans , you may visit our official website and stay updated with us. Hope you get all the necessary details about the PMEGP Loan. Stay safe and Thank you!

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