DHFL Home Loan


DHFL Home Loan

DHFL Home Loan

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited was founded in 1984 and it is a deposit taking housing finance company. DHFL purpose is to provide housing finance to the lower and middle class groups in semi- urban and rural parts of India. DHFL is the second housing finance company to be launched in the country. DHFL comes under the 50 biggest financial companies in India. It is a type of public limited. DHFL’s main objective is to give financial services to the lower and middle income groups. DHFL launched on 11 April 1984, headquartered in Mumbai, India. A number of employers worked in the industry. 

  1. Benefits of dewan housing limited. 

DHFL provides housing finance to the lower and middle class group. It is a benefit for the lower and middle income groups who need finance for their house. It is easy in the documentation process. DHFL is good for applicants who are not able to qualify for a loan from banks like SBI, Axis and IDBi due to their complicated requirements. DHFL provides a higher loan amount than other banks. . DHFL is a better option for borrowers who need large amounts of money. 

  1. Purpose of Dewan housing finance limited. 

Dewan housing finance corporation limited purpose is lending finance to lower and middle class of groups to semi urban and rural parts of India. Its objective is to access large amount of money than other lenders or banks. DHFL aims to build millions of housing units to provide home loans to all who economically arise due to during lockdown or other problems. Dewan housing finance limited is one of the most prominent sectors which provide home loans and non-housing loans deposits. DHFL offers affordable housing finance for home ownership to lower and middle income group in India. We understand that buying a house. DHFL, help you create lovely memories in this journey of building a home of your own. Loan is given up to 90% of market value to the borrowers. 

  1. Eligibility of dewan housing finance limited. 

  • Age of the applicant should be above 21 years to 60 years. 
  • Maximum loan is given by dewan housing finance limited is 5, 00, 00,000.
  •  Interest rate is 8.60% to 9.75%. HFL home loan eligibility based on monthly income or property value. 
  • If applicant salary is above Rs.75 lakh whose loan to value is 75%.
  •  If applicant salary is between Rs.30 lakh and Rs. 75 lakh whose loan to value is 80%.
  • If the applicant salary is less than 30 lakhs whose loan to value is 90%. 

  1. Documents required for dewan housing finance limited. 

  • For home loan documents required:
  •  KYC documents such as documents for proof of identity and address such as PAN card, Aadhar card, Passport etc. 
  • It is applicable for salaried individuals, self — employed businessmen, self — employed professionals. 
  • Income documents such as financial documents such as your salary slips (last 6 months) the latest Form — 16, bank statements, etc. It is applicable for salaried individuals. 
  • Copy of last years, ITR of the applicant along with the income by a C.A. bank statements for (last 6 months) , copy of the memorandum of association, partnership deed, articles of association if it is applicable on your business. It is applicable for self-employed businessmen. 

There are different types of loans of DHFL. 

New Home Loans. 

  • Plot Loans. 
  • Home Construction Loans.
  •  Home Loan Balance Transfer. 
  • Home Extension Loans. 
  • Home Renovation Loans. 
  • Plot & Construction Loans. 
  • NRI Home Loans 

  • Tenure of the DHFL is based on the types of DHFl. For Home Extension-1 year to 20 years. For Home Improvement-1yr to 10yrs, for Home Loan for NRI’s-1yr to 15yrs, for Plot Loan-1yr to 20yrs, for Mortgage Loan-1yr to 7yrs. 
  • To know the types of loan, go on the official site of DHFL and know the information about the schemes and online portal of Deewan housing finance limited with the help of a username and login password. This service is provided for the satisfaction of customers who prefer the online process.

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