Bank of Baroda home Loan


Bank of Baroda home loans

Everyone wishes to have their home where no one restricts them to do anything. The wish of getting our house can be fulfilled by the bank of Baroda. Bank of Baroda home loans are the best choice for home loans as they are a quick loan with low interest. Bank of Baroda presently provides one of the lowest rates at home loans. Bank of Baroda offers home loans to those who want to realize their home dream. People who need money to purchase the home or renovate. Bank of Baroda has a high customer service rating compared to other banks. Bank of Baroda is one of the best banks in India which provide home loans at affordable interest rates. All people have dreams of their own home. Presently 2020, interest rate starts from 7.00% — 8.40%. Repayment of the loan is up to 30 years at the period and the lowest EMI offered by the bank of Baroda. 

  1. Benefits of bank of Baroda home loans.  

Bank of Baroda is the best bank in India without any problem in loan amount or repayment, salaried, or self-employed, NRI.  BOB offers longer tenure up to 30 years. BOB charges affordable interest rates and provides a quick loan facility whenever customer’s needed.  It is beneficial for borrowers who need quick home loans at affordable interest rates. Bank of Baroda offers a higher loan amount. Loan amount is given up to Rs .10 crores. Bank of Baroda offers multiple loan repayment choices for customer’s satisfaction. 

  1. Purpose of bank of Baroda home loans. 

  • The objective of Bank of Baroda is to offer one of the affordable interest rates at home loans which start from 7.00% — 8.40%. 
  •  If people are dreaming of buying their house, opt for a home loan from Bank of Baroda with several exclusive schemes and features for home loan borrowers. 
  • Bank of Baroda home loan can be suitable for home purchase, plot purchase, home construction, home renovation. Bank of Baroda charge interest rates at home loans schemes which are: 
  • Bank of Baroda charge interest rate at home loan starts from 7.00% — 7.85%. 
  • Interest charge 7.00%- 7.10% on bank of Baroda home loan advantage.
  •  Interest charge 7.00% onward at home improvement loan. 
  •  Applicable ROI on linked home loan with strategic premium with the interest rate 0.50% on bank of Baroda top of loan. 
  • Top up loan facility of up to five times during the loan repayment. 

  1. Eligibility criteria bank of Baroda home loans. 

  • Borrower who is eligible to take home loans must be Indian citizen or NRIs or must be a person of India PIO’s. 
  •  Age limit of the borrower must be above 21 to 70 years.  
  • Borrowers should be salaried employers or self dependent or self-employed. It is based on their monthly income. Gross income should be Rs 5 lakh per annum or as per eligibility.
  •  Tenure of loan up to 30 years during the period. 

  1.  Documents required for the bank of Baroda home loans. 

  • Documents to be required are your identity proof- adhar card, voter card, ration card, passport, and license. 
  • Residential address which are proof in your adhar card, lease and license, password, utility. Bills (up to 3 months old). 
  • Proof of age (PAN card, Adhar card, Birth certificate, passport, driving license). 
  • Properly filled in application form with a photograph of the applicant. 
  • Your income documents are required (6 months payslips)
  •  ITR or income tax of 2 years required. 
  • Bank of Baroda needs additional documents in case of resale or purchase from a builder and direct allotment in a co- operative housing society. 

  1. Apply for a bank of Baroda home loan.  

  • Go on the online application form of the bank of Baroda. 
  • Fill the given fields with correct details and accept the given terms and conditions. 
  • Provide your home loan related information to proceed. 
  •  A few options will appear then apply for a home loan according to your convenience and which loan schemes are best for you. 
  • For further inquiries, go on the official website of bank of Baroda to know more information about home loans.

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