GOA BPL List 2023, GOA Ration Card 2023


GOA BPL List 2022, GOA Ration Card 2022, GOA BPL Ration Card List

GOA BPL Ration Card List 2022

Firstly we should know that what we mean by BPL List. BPL means below poverty line. People who are below poverty line got some schemes from government. 

BPL is a type of Ration card. In BPL List all those population of goa comes whose BPL Ration card is issued.

Goa Districts Name List 2021:

North GoaPanaji
South GoaMargao

Government of Goa has issued the Ration card list of 2021 district wise. Citizens of Goa who had applied for bpl can easily check their name in BPL List online. 

The Government of Goa has prepared a new Ration card list in 2021 to find the benefits to the public whose names are in BPL Ration card list. 

Government of Goa has done this work easier from last year. Now the peoples can easily check their EPDS Goa NFSA Ration card list online. 

BPL Ration card in Goa is very important legal document for the people who are under below poverty line, so that they can obtain the benefits of the schemes launched by the government for poor people.

As we know, that through Ration card, the citizens can get the Ration from nearby stores in less price. 

Ration card to the citizens of Goa is issued by the departments of civil supplies & consumer affairs, so that they can purchase wheat, rice, kerosene, LPG, etc. 

Now we read about the procedure, eligibility, benefits & the entire BPL Ration card.

Goa District Ration List:-

  • North Goa BPL Ration Card List 2022
  • South Goa BPL Ration Card List 2022
  • Panaji BPL Ration Card List 2022
  • Margao BPL Ration Card List 2022

Goa BPL Ration Card Benefits

1. Through this card we can apply for other legal documents and numerous different reports. 

2. Ration card is also used for getting birth or death certificate from government.

3. Through this card poor can buy grains, fuels, etc in a low or affordable price from public distribution stores.

The documents required to apply for Ration card are as follows in Goa:  

  • 1. Voter ID card
  • 2. Passport size photographs of family members.
  • 3. Address proof of a person who is applying 
  • 4. Certificate of income of that person.
  • 5. Bank passbook details

Eligibility to Apply for Goa BPL Card

  • 1. If a person want a Ration card in Goa state that person &  family should be the permanent residents of Goa. 
  • 2. The person who is applying should be the head of that family. 
  • 3. The person who is applying for Ration card in Goa should not have a ration card in any other state.
  • 4. The person should be of more than 18 years.
  • 5. The person’s annual income should be under the poverty line.

In Goa 3 types of Ration cards are found. About BPL we had read except it two are more which are:

  • APL (ABOVE POVERTY LINE): The citizens having income above poverty come under this.
  • AAY: Under this special condition is required and their is highest level of subsidiary rates. 

Application procedure

Government provides a notice to the public that the citizens who are eligible for BPL should apply for BPL card & got the benefits given by the government to help the citizens who are below poverty line. So that they can obtain the benefits. This has been written under the provision of food security act 2013. 

The woman who is the eldest in the family is termed as head of the family and can apply for BPL card . The application should be in proper format or we can say in the legal manner which is described by the government.

The forms should be submitted in nearby department, but now the government of Goa has done this easier by providing the forms to fill and submit online also. 

Implementing process

1. Eldest female of the family is termed as head of family which is described in food security act 2013, and now the new card will be titled as "Goa Food Security Card". 

2. The person who is eligible will be given the amount of food grains described by the government of goa.

3. Data, photograph of the eligible person will be taken and fed into database.

4. After knowing that the information in submitting is wrong, then the family will be removed from the list of BPL.


We should be aware of the persons or families who are not aware about BPL, so that they can obtain the benefits of BPL card given by Goa government.

GOA BPL List 2022, GOA Ration Card 2022
GOA BPL List 2022, GOA Ration Card 2022

GOA BPL List 2022, GOA Ration Card 2022, GOA BPL Ration Card List

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