Small Business Loan for women in India


business loan for women in India

About Business

Business is a type of commercial activity considered to earn livelihood. Business is an activity in which buying and selling of products to make/earn money. Business is considered to survive life with basic and additional necessities.

Business is a type of activity which is established to earn profit. Business is considered in day to day operation and analysis.Business is a type of separate entity which is different from their owner , Business has its own particular identity and is able to enter in contract.

About Small Business

Business is of two types which is Big and Small. Small Business is a type of Business but set up at a small level. Small business means that business which is not expanded and transactions at a small level.

Small business is a type of business which is limited with their boundaries. Small Business mainly new business which is set up and hopes for expansion by earning profits. Small Businesses are generally privately owned and motivated for the achievement of goals of their small set up.

Small Business is a type of business whose less capital investment , limited working area with their area. Small Business produces goods and service but at the small scale.Small Business Mostly settled in urban areas.

Types of Small Business 

Small Business is consider with varieties , they are as follows :

  • Small scale industries
  • Those industries whose turnover is less than Rs.1 crore.
  • Small Retail shops.
  • Those shops had no variety of products and were limited to a number of products.
  • Export oriented units.
  • Those units who are considered the work of export but export 50% of their manufacturing.
  • Cottage Industries.
  • It is also known as Traditional or rural industries whose indegious technology is utilized.
  • Micro Business Enterprises
  • Type of Business whose turnover not exceed then Rs.1 Lakh which had limited investment.
  • Village Industries
  • Those industries whose turnover is not more than Rs.50,000/- and whose investment limited and quite less.
  • Tiny Industrial Units 
  • Those units whose turnover does not exceed Rs.25 Lakh.Limited with their burning and selling.

About Small Business scheme

Small Business schemes are considered those unable to afford a high amount of money for the set up of larger business with their risks. Small Business scheme whose had limited amount of working capability and not familiar with the set up of business.

Small Business scheme to minimize the loss of business and go with profit rates. Small business schemes are launched to go from unemployed to employed and at least earn their necessities.Small Business scheme small setups which are necessary such as retails shops , cottage industries, tiffin services.

Small Business scheme type of flexibility to go with innovation by spending a minimum amount. Small Business schemes create the employment opportunities which stand their capability to earn livelihood and become independent.

Small Business Loan for Women

Small Business loan for women is a chance to prove them and set their business with limited economics. Small Business scheme for women which is considered to involve every person of every level.

Small business loan for women to empower them and create their own identity and set their own name among the world. Small business schemes for women is a type of initiative by women to earn their livelihood by coming self relevant.

Small Business scheme for women to make a group of women which brings togetherness and motivation among to consider in its larger form. Small Business scheme for women which is familiar to them as its manufacturing of pickle, papad etc.

Small Business scheme for women is a type of settling set ups then keep their capability to maintain and run it successfully. Small Business scheme for women to define they can earn and create their own world.

Small Business scheme for women which is flexible and easy to commend in a proper and effective manner , if in case of loss not big lots outlet. Small Business scheme for women to know about schedules or portals to commed business.

Need of Small Business scheme for Women

  • Dependence
  • Women had to depend on their family or earning members to fulfill their basic necessities of food, shed and economic. They had to depend on them with their private or personal needs.
  • Crises
  • Due to poor economics, women and their families went into the crisis and were unable to fulfill their basic necessities.  
  • Hidden
  • In the name of safeguard they always hide to vision the world and know about the world. Due to hiding, they are limited with vision which is shown by the society, family and their loved ones to them.
  • Backward
  • Women are backwards as they have no respect and value as they have not something which stands them against them world and their society. With force and pressure they are backwards with their own identity and value.
  • Fear
  • Women are feared by society and the public for their identity as they have always been unknown to the world. Women are feared from their society , their family as they do not raise voice against them and outer their dreams and aims.

Benefits of Small Business scheme For women

Benefits of Small Business scheme for women are as follows :

  • Motivate
  • Women are Motivated to create their own identity. Women are motivated to voice against the unfair treatment.
  • Independence 
  • Women became independent as they for the economics they had to depend upon their men and earning members and had to face lots of problems.
  • Growth
  • Small business helps in growth and development of women , as they know about the outer world which is unknown or hidden to them.
  • Particular Identity
  • With fame and business identity women had their particular identity ,as they know with their own name in spite of associating with their family or partner name.
  • Development
  • As India is developing because in Indian development only men or some women are involved, if women are involved it helps in better management and ideas.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • As the set up of business needs employees or helpers which help to run business successfully and achievement of goals which brings opportunities for unemployed or who needs job or employment.
  • Economic Condition
  • Women can help their families by supporting economically and for self purpose which needs no requirement of support and unfair activities.
  • Innovation
  • As due to competitiveness of small business helps to search for new ideas or innovation which provide better economics.

Use small business loan by women

ICICI bank business loan is another opportunity for women to get in power in business industry.

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