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About SBI home loan

“Home is the initial place of love there is no place like home, where family laughs together and love never ends.” Everyone wishes to have their home where no one denies them to do anything. The wish of getting our house can be fulfilled by SBI home loans. SBI bank home loans are the best choice for home loans as they are a quick loan with low interest rates. SBI home loans makes it easier and simpler for those who need loans for their home to loan solutions and renovate their house or construct a new house and purchase a new one.

You may love to read about icici home financing apna ghar home loan for self employed and private workers, now their dreams will come true, because no need high income, only Rs. 3000 balance should be in your bank account and you can get home loan.

SBI bank provides home loans to them who want to realize their home. People need money to purchase the home or renovate their home. All people have dreams of their own home. SBI bank charges affordable interest rates which will always be the lowest among all the banks and the most trusted bank. When a person gets the loan then they repay in EMI as in 15 or 20 years of time period. 

 Table of contents 

  1. SBI home loan Benefits
  2. Apply for SBI home loan. 
  3. Documents required for the SBI home loan.
  4. SBI home loan eligibility. 

Benefits of SBI home loan

First, and the most important benefit is to get your new home where you dwell freely. SBI charges lowest ratest compared to all the banks. SBI is one of the largest mortgage longer and most trusted banks. The home loans are tax-free loans. It has a repayment or in the EMIs of at least fifteen to twenty years. You can repay the amount easily. You are free from your rental payments, and get your own house in the lowest interest rates. Tenure of loan is up to between 5 and 30 years. You get different types of benefits under SBI bank home loans schemes. Main feature of SBI home loans is to provide special rates for women customers. 

How to apply for SBI home loan

 SBI provides home loans to people across the country. They have special branches to provide the loan requirements of customers. Visit the SBI bank website. Fill each and every asked information regarding your personal details asked in the form. Attach the required documents for the SBI home loans and sign the form. Then submit the form to the SBI bank. After the disbursal of the loan, the SBI bank provided you to the home loans. 

SBI bank home loan documents required

The main document required is your

  • identity proof - Aadhar card, voter card, ration card, passport, and license.
  • Then you need to give your permanent address which is proof in your aadhar card, license, and password, utility. Bills (up to 3 months old).
  • 2 passport size photographs are required.
  • Your income documents are required (6 month’s payslips). 
  • If you are a salaried employee then you have to give your employment letters,
  • bank statements from (6 months ago and EMI debits any). 
  • ITR or income tax of 2 years required.

SBI bank home loan eligibility

The borrower should have a clear saving and credit history and present. The applicant should be above 18 years to 70 years. . Tenure of loan is up to 5 to 30 years. The applicant should be a salaried employee, self-employed professional, or a business owner. The current experience of the applicant must have 2 years. Income of the applicant is Rs. 1, 20, 00 per month. The maximum age of the applicant should be up to 70 years at the time of loan maturity. The maximum loan to value ratio granted is up to 90% of the property’s value. So makes your dream come true to get your own house where you live with all freedom and hopes.

Our last content was written about icici bank personal loan, this loan is for all, can apply and get approval within a few hours or days.

This piece of valuable content is written by Dinky.

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